Northwoods : by Pease, Amy
The Storm We Made / by Chan, Vanessa
Before We Were Innocent / by Berman, Ella
The Waters / by Campbell, Bonnie Jo
Beirut Station : by VIdich, Paul
Wandermore In Kansas : by Varner, Seth
Bmw / by Webster, Christine
Koala : by Daniels, Christopher B
The Wildest Sun : by Lemmie, Asha
The Frozen River : by Lawhon, Ariel
Facing the Mountain : by Brown, Daniel James
Murder In An Irish Bookshop / by O'Connor, Carlene
Murder On An Irish Farm / by O'Connor, Carlene
Murder At An Irish Christmas / by O'Connor, Carlene
Murder In An Irish Churchyard / by O'Connor, Carlene
Dead With the Wind / by James, Miranda
Oath and Honor : by Cheney, Liz
Artifice / by Cameron, Sharon
Upside Down : by Steel, Danielle
Parents Who Lead : by Friedman, Stewart D
Parenting With Love and Logic : by Cline, Foster
Know What Matters : by Shaich, Ron
Middlemarch / by Eliot, George
The Mystery Guest / by Prose, Nita
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