Appalachian Song by Shocklee, Michelle
The Waters by Campbell, Bonnie Jo
All the Glimmering Stars : by Sullivan, Mark T
Welcome to Jubilee / by Hanna, Rachel
Christmas In Jubilee / by Hanna, Rachel
Blue Ridge Breakdown / by Hanna, Rachel
The Memory of Lavender and Sage [large Print] / by Runyan, Aimie K
Cheaper, Faster, Better : by Steyer, Tom
The Unvanquished : by O'Donnell, Patrick K
All We Were Promised : [large Print] by Lattimore, Ashton
Open Wide : by Blanco, Benny
One of Us Knows by Cole, Alyssa
The Museum of Lost Quilts by Chiaverini, Jennifer
Mind Your Manners / by Edwards, Nicola
Too Small A World : by Maynard, Theodore
How to End A Love Story : by Kuang, Yulin
Daughter of Mine : by Miranda, Megan
Table for Two : by Towles, Amor
Just for the Summer / by Jimenez, Abby
Everyone On This Train Is A Suspect by Stevenson, Benjamin
The Rule Book : by Adams, Sarah
She's Not Sorry / by Kubica, Mary
How to Solve Your Own Murder : by Perrin, Kristen
Raising Mentally Strong Kids : by Amen, Daniel G