The Keeper of Happy Endings / by Davis, Barbara
Decent People : by Winslow, de'Shawn Charles
Attention Span : by Mark, Gloria
In the Upper Country : by Thomas, Kai
Small World : by Zigman, Laura
The Nazi Conspiracy : by Meltzer, Brad
The Mitford Affair : by Benedict, Marie
Just the Nicest Couple : by Kubica, Mary
The House In the Pines : by Reyes, Ana
Poster Girl by Roth, Veronica
The VIlla : by Hawkins, Rachel
The Last Folk Hero : by Pearlman, Jeff
She's Gone / by Bell, David
West With Giraffes : by Rutledge, Lynda
Home Sweet Christmas / by Mallery, Susan
The Edge of Summer / by Shipman, VIola
Maybe Now : by Hoover, Colleen
Dreamland : by Sparks, Nicholas
The German Wife by Rimmer, Kelly
Signal Fires / by Shapiro, Dani
My Travels With Mrs. Kennedy / by Hill, Clint
The Last Chairlift : by Irving, John
In Her Boots by Dell'Antonia, K. J
VIsual Thinking : by Grandin, Temple
The Twelve Topsy-Turvy, Very Messy Days of Christmas / by Patterson, James