Claimed / by Ward, J. R.,
The letter keeper / by Martin, Charles,
Surviving Savannah by Henry, Patti Callahan,
The Navajo code talkers by Paul, Doris Atkinson.
Our woman in Moscow by Williams, Beatriz,
The indispensables : by O'Donnell, Patrick K.,
Falling / by Newman, T. J.,
In a book club far away  by Marcelo, Tif
The last green valley : by Sullivan, Mark T.,
The Bomber Mafia : by Gladwell, Malcolm,
Dream girl : by Lippman, Laura,
The paper palace / by Cowley Heller, Miranda,
Every vow you break  by Swanson, Peter,
The calcium connection : by Broady, Brunde
The woman with the blue star / by Jenoff, Pam,