Land of black gold / by Hergé,
Dinosaur Rescue! / by James, Hollis,
The Bad Seed goes to the library / by John, Jory,
The flames of hope / by Sutherland, Tui,
The good egg and the talent show / by John, Jory,
Knight Owl / by Denise, Christopher,
Go and do likewise! : by Hendrix, John,
The bald eagle : by Orr, Tamra,
Big Nate. by Peirce, Lincoln,
The digger and the duckling / by Kuefler, Joseph,
There's a lion in the forest! / by Carnesi, Mônica,
Cleanup crew by Cena, John,
The princess in black and the mermaid princess / by Hale, Shannon,
Who has this tail? / by Hulbert, Laura.
Storm on Snowbelle Mountain / by Elliott, Rebecca,
Ear worm! / by Knowles, Johanna,
Just help! : by Sotomayor, Sonia,