Time for school, little blue truck / by Schertle, Alice,
Are you a cheeseburger? / by Arnaldo, Monica,
Scribble stones / by Alber, Diane,
Hans Christian Andersen : by Janisch, Heinz,
The ladybug party / by Green, Poppy,
Merci Suárez can't dance / by Medina, Meg,
Trillions of trees / by Cyrus, Kurt,
Someone builds the dream / by Wheeler, Lisa,
I'm a hare, so there! by Rowan-Zoch, Julie,
Camp time in California / by Osborne, Mary Pope,
The dangerous gift / by Sutherland, Tui,
Rowley Jefferson's awesome friendly spooky stories / by Kinney, Jeff,
The only / by Applegate, Katherine,
Giraffes can't dance : by Andreae, Giles,
A clan of two / by Vitale, Brooke,
Jack and Jill and other nursery rhymes /
Champ and Major : by McCullough, Joy,
Who Is Kamala Harris? / by Anderson, Kirsten